Clear Acrylic Compartment Slot Display

Organization is key to an effective and practical display for any business. It allows you to find items easily as well as reduce visual clutter that could discourage customers from viewing the products. Compartments can be made to hold your specific product upright. Products are easily accessible to both you, your staff, and your customers! You can easily view the quantity of the items on display and restock when needed. The clear acrylic material allows you and your customers to view all the details of the products displayed inside. This feature is excellent for seeing the different types of product available. 

You can create your own custom display to suit your exact needs. Each slot can be made to the specific measurements of your product. You don't have choose clear acrylic either, we offer a wide variety of colorful material in different shades and finishes. With these options, you can truly design and create a display of your own! The perfect one of a kind piece to highlight your products to the fullest!