Bakery Acrylic Display Case

Our Customer Review

I'm a small business owner based in NYC, and purchased two of these display cases for pastries at my cafe. I literally exhausted myself searching for hours both on search sites and on every restaurant supply store I could access in order to find a display case that would 1). fit on the small dimensions of the top of my cooled display case, and 2). looked sexy enough / chic enough / minimalist enough to go with our decor. I was ecstatic when I found this display case, and promptly ordered two. I kid you not, if it's out there, I've probably seen it by now, and these guys are the best for the money IF you're looking for something that is seamless, without unnecessary detailing and frills, and something design with basic convenience and image in mind.Don't be mislead by the other review of this product, where the purchaser stated that he/she has had instances of the customer pulling out the drawers This display case is NOT meant for customer access -- the door is clearly on the back of the display case, and the shelves are clearly slanted toward the (closed) front of the display case, making it a case that servers or staff from behind the counter should be accessing, and no one else. I feel bad for that someone who literally would not be able to figure this out, and was using these displays as customer-accessible.Best value for the money, for sure, and I am ordering a third as we speak.Thanks --